Iron Golem Competition

Nu Brand Iron Golem Competition

Located at:
Nu Brand Gaming
194 31st street
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Saturday, March 3rd
Registration: 9:30am
First Round starts immediately at 10am
Entry Fee: $30

The IGC is a general test of gamer skill, devil’s luck, and ultimately, gamer endurance. Designed to discover who among us could delve deep the dungeons and forge strong their adventurer’s mettle before ascending to the final boss of real life responsibilities, the IGC is the only true remaining measure of a gamer’s skill.

NOTE: this competition has changed drastically from its original inception. We are now running three separate events that all count towards the IGC. After completing all events, a final bonus round of luck and dexterity will add to your total points.

The events are as follows:

Shadespire which starts promptly at 10am:

Iconic Masters MTG booster draft, starting promptly at 4pm:

Champions of Midgard which will start promptly at 8:30pm:

Final rounds of luck and dexterity will occur as the final vikings make their way to Valhalla.

Your total cost of entry participating in all three events will be $30 which is all inclusive of the three main events and the competition itself.

First, contenders must pay tribute to the King of Games: Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. 

Having fed themselves iron rations during the king's tribute, our stalwart hopefuls return to the venue to draft their finest decks in Iconic Masters.

To let the weak among us prepare for the final round, a short dinner break will be offered (iron supplements not provided but strongly recommended). This break is drastically reduced by the length of your third match of magic.

Wizards are weak, but vikings are strong as you will prove in a game of Champions of Midgard, leading your champions to Valhalla. 

Finally, our aspirant entrants will pay homage to their ancestors and compete in a final round of luck and dexterity with Click Clack Lumberjack.


In each round you will be scored against the entire field, winners will be placed over losers, and sorted per game as shown below. If after tie-breaks any players are still tied, they will receive the average of the scores they are tied for. (For instance if 2 players were completely tied for 1st, they would receive (15+12)/2= 13.5 points each, if 3 players were tied for 3rd (10+9+8)/2=9 points each.

1st - 15
2nd -12
3rd - 10
4th - 9
5th - 8
6th - 7
7th - 6
8th - 5
9th - 4
10th - 3
11th - 2
12th - 1
13+ 0
BYE - 15

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire
Final scoring to be your total glory point difference between all games. In the event of a tie, if you provided your own fully painted miniatures for your entire warband, you will win the tie break. If both tied warbands are fully painted, tie-breaker is determined by a single roll-off using four Warhammer Underworlds dice. If this roll-off results in a tie, points are split as described above.

Final scoring is amount of glory collected, as described in the Champions of Midgard rulebok. In the event of a tie, points are split as described above.

Click Clack Lumberjack
Using the advanced ruleset, with the “don’t miss” variant: the total points scored will be the final scoring. Ties will be decided by total grubs earned.

Magic: the Gathering Draft
Swiss placement will determine final scoring. In the case of a tie your total land count pre-sideboard, lowest first will determine the winner, showing your true devotion to minimize resources and your soul.

Top player will live shiny and chrome forever in Valhalla as the Iron Golem of Nu Brand. This will be commemorated by a trophy to be held by the Iron Golem until the next challenge occurs.

2nd Place will live in torment for the rest of their days as a Flesh Golem.

3rd Place will slovenly slide from one disappointment to another in their final form as a Mud Golem.

4th Place will barely withstand the daily rigors of life, as they are animated into a Straw Golem.

Beyond this place all shall remain in their mortal forms, all but...

The last place finisher of all rounds will receive the cursed form on an Imp with gifts to be revealed at the event.

All players will retain their drafted cards from the Magic: the Gathering portion of the event, the king's bounty of shadespire promotional items, the pride of having participated, as well as result based prizes on their final form.

Game Specific Rules:

Card proxies may be used if you can’t find a copy to borrow. Best 2 of 3 match, 90 minute time limit.

Champions of Midgard: Standard rule set with valhalla and dark mountains expansions. Game ends after 150 minutes.

Click Clack Lumberjack: Advanced Game Scoring. Grubs: 0 points, Light Brown: 1 point, Brown: 2 points, Dark Brown: 3 points. Core -10 points. Don’t Miss Rules: When a players does not knock off a bark piece during their turn, place their lowest point bark near the trunk. If a player does not have any bark they do not perform this action. The next player that does knock bark off of the trunk, recieves all bark placed near the trunk due to misses. Each game has a 10 minute limit not including setup.

MtG Draft: Current rule set will be used. Set: Iconic Masters Basic lands will be provided.

Note all rules may be subject to change as we approach the event date.